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  "Introducing our Windows 2000 Servers"
  Select the services and options that you want on your hosting package.
  Prices Start @ €120 Euro per year
  30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Windows 2000 servers

Your domain is hosted on the latest Intel Windows 2000 servers with full support for ASP, Perl, CGI, ISAPI, SHTML and IHTML scripting technologies. We also support the Microsoft FrontPage 2000 extensions.


Your Account comes with 50MB of Webspace.

Unlimited e-mail accounts and aliases

Your account includes an unlimited number of full POP3 e-mail accounts, auto responders and forwarders. These can be set up on your domain, enabling you with full e-mail facilities.


Your Account includes an FTP username and password, which allows you to publish (upload) files to your domain name.

FTP Hostname: ftp.yourdomain.com
FTP Username: yourdomain.com
FTP Password: ***********

Personal Control Panel €100 Euro Extra

We can setup a personal control panel for your domain name so that you can configure features, such as e-mail, on your domain yourself.

Personal Control Panel gives you total control over your domain name,

Features include:

and much more!

FrontPage Extensions "Free with Personal Control Panel"

Websites designed using FrontPage need to have FrontPage extensions installed on the server to allow publishing via FrontPage and for certain FrontPage specific components to operate such as the hit counter and search facility.

By default domains added in your Control Panel do not have FrontPage extensions installed.

The FrontPage 2000 extensions are backward compatible with all versions of FrontPage.

ODBC "Free with Personal Control Panel"

ODBC is a method of connecting databases (Data Sources) to programs and scripts. This will allow you to use databases within your Web sites hosted with us. Specialist knowledge will be needed to make use of this facility.

The following Driver Types are available:

MS Access
MS Excel
Visual FoxPro

(Other ISP's charge €250 Euro + per year extra for ODBC)

MicroSoft SQL

MSSQL Server is the most powerful database available for the web today and is the solution used by many Corporate and Financial institutions world-wide.

You can create MSSQL Server databases on your account and have full control of them via the Microsoft Enterprise Manager or ODBC.
<<Click Here>> for info pn using MS SQL Databases

(MSSQL SQL Server Database cost €100 Euro per month)

URL Security "Free with Personal Control Panel"

URL security provides a method of password protecting sections of a website. When the user attempts to visit a secure area they will be prompted for a username and password, which they must enter in order to be granted access to this site. For example, you can create a "members only" section on your website or an area just private to yourself.

You can password protect areas of your website and authenticate users from a text file or any ODBC database. This can be achieved without any scripting and is controlled by the server giving high security and a professional image to visitors.



SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) is a protocol which encrypts data between the web browser and server. This is especially important for sites such as online shops where customers are asked to enter their credit card details. Typically a normal website sends all these details in "clear text" (no encryption) and it is possible for a third party to "sniff" these details during transmission. SSL cures this problem by encrypting the information with a key which only the web-server can decrypt. There are various strengths of keys available. Our Windows 2000 SSL server uses 128 bit encryption from Thawte.

Secured URLs can be determined by a padlock () in the bottom left screen of the web browser. Here, visitors can click this to view information about the URL they are viewing.

Note: The URL to you shared secure space will be in the format:
(Each SSL Folder costs €100 Euros per year extra)


FastStats Analyzer gives webmasters what they want: detailed server statistics that don't take forever to run. Analyzer can speed through your web server log files at over 100 times the speed of WebTrends and HitList, telling you everything you need to know about your web site: the pages people are accessing (hits and users), the pages linking to your site, the search engine keywords being used to get to your site, what pages are causing 404 errors, and almost two dozen more reports. Plus, you can use FastStats Analyzer's innovative file and directory tracking feature to track the number of requests for a file over any time period. FastStats Analyzer gives you what you want when you need it! FastStats Analyzer does in minutes what other log analyzers do in hours.

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